Little Oscine Bird Crochet Pattern
Little Oscine Bird Crochet Pattern

Little Oscine Bird Crochet Pattern

Little Singing Bird

Most of you know them – the little singing birds. They live in our garden, in parks and forests of course. But do you really know them? Winter might be the best time to have a closer look. In my neighbourhood many people hung up fat balls for them to feast, I hung up one myself on the balcony. Did you know they have a daily routine? Every now and then they come and visit my balcony, the days are random, but they always appear around nine a clock in the morning. I’m living on the third floor so it’s pretty high, which is why then don’t come too often I guess. One year ago I hung up a birdhouse for blue tits which they only found out about this winter. Too late though, during spring last year some paper wasps build their hive in it! I’ll talk about this friendly nectar wasp in another post. The blue tits had a look into the bird house every time they visited this winter. So I ordered a second one! It now hangs right next to the wasp house but so far the blue tits haven’t visited again. But it’s still some time until the breeding season starts. Do you know when that is?

Have you ever built a bird house or a feeding station? Maybe now is the time! There are many simple instructions online. I would love to build one but don’t have the tools, nor the space to do so which is why I ordered it… But one day I sure will! For now I just picked up my crochet hook to get a little closer to the blue tits. Can you tell the difference between female and male? With this little crochet blue tit family you can guess what it is 😉 (also the female was my first try, I think the male is much improved!)

It was fun learning more about the blue tit. But there are many more of the little oscine birds like the robin, blackbird and the chaffinch. Which ones come visit your neighbourhood?

Crochet Pattern Little Oscine Bird

I made this basic little bird crochet pattern that could be a blue tit or a robin or whatever, depending on the colours you use. For some you might make a bigger beak or larger tail feathers. I would love to see your outcome!

I give you the basic pattern, you make the colours!

Crochet Pattern Little Oscine Bird
Pattern written in US crochet terms.    


Starting on the bottom:
BASE make a magic ring with 6sc
ROUND 1 (2sc) x6
ROUND 2 [(2sc), 1sc] x6
ROUND 3 [2sc, (2sc)] x6
ROUND 4 [(2sc), 3sc] x6
ROUND 5 30sc evenly around
Now starting the back and chest:
ROUND 6 [(2sc), 4sc] x6
ROUND 7-10 36sc evenly around
Starting to form the back (the stitches of the back are the ones in [..] and all dec):
ROUND 11 8sc, [dec, 5sc] x4
ROUND 12 32sc evenly around
ROUND 13 10sc, [3sc, dec] x4, 2sc
ROUND 14 10sc, [dec, 3sc] x2, dec, 6sc
Starting to form neck/head (also start stuffing):
ROUND 15 16sc, dec, 7sc            
ROUND 16-17 24sc evenly
ROUND 18 Dec, 7sc, [dec, 3sc] x3
ROUND 19 1sc, dec, 3sc, [dec, 2sc] x3, 2sc
ROUND 20 [Dec, 1sc] x5, 1sc
ROUND 21 [Dec] evenly until closed, slst
Finish off.

Wings (make two)
ROW 2 turn, (2sc) in second stitch from hook
ROW 3 1ch, turn, 2sc
ROW 4 1ch, turn, (2sc) x2
ROW 5 1ch, turn, 4sc
ROW 6 1ch, turn, 1sc, (2sc) x2, 1sc
ROW 7-11 1ch, turn, 6sc
ROW 12 1ch, turn, 1sc, 2 dec, 1sc
ROW 13 1ch, turn, 2dec
ROW 14 turn, dec,
SIDE work 13 sc on the side back to row 1
Finish off, leave tail to sew

Tail feather
ROW 2 1ch, turn, 7sc
ROW 3 1ch, turn, 1sc, [dec, 1sc] x2
ROW 4 1ch, turn, dec, (2sc), dec),
ROW 5 (3sc), 2slst, (3sc)
SIDES sc around for straight outline

Feet (make two)
ROW 2 turn, (3sc) in second stitch from hook, slst, (3sc)

For the beak make some ch and slst

I hope you enjoyed this pattern and your researches about the little singing birds. I absolutely did! I crocheted a whole family – the baby is simply an oval same as the egg shell wich I devided into two. Hope you like it 🙂 but (so far) I don’t have the pattern written down for it.

Happy crocheting! – Love, Lena