Power Triangle “Meditation”
Power Triangle “Meditation”

Power Triangle “Meditation”

This little Power Triangle is not actually a triangle, is it? It only has two sides, the bottom is left open. For a reason.

A Meditation

I got the inspiration during a special mediation that I did every morning for a week. It was a week that showed me my very inner self, a week that made me rise and shine.

During the meditation I focused on my breathing and started with creating a ball of energy in my belly center. It grew very big and shone through my whole body. After that I started focusing on an energy ball in my chest right next to my heart. I grew with every breath in and pushed its energy through my body with every breath out. At last I focused on a ball of energy in my head. This one felt like a crown sitting in the middle of my head. I connected all three energy balls with a line from top to bottom and further down into mother earth. The line became a tunnel that let energy through it coming from mother earth, into me, and I passed it on to my surroundings.

Can you see this meditation in this Power Triangle now? That is why the bottom is open, to keep the connection.

Maybe you will try this meditation the next time? Or be inspired to crochet your very own meditative experience! I would love to hear about it or maybe even see it.

Pattern: The mandalas are inspired by the free pattern “Star Dreamcatcher” by Renata Saj (available on her ravelry). I used super fine yarn and a hook size 2mm.