Fir Tree Crochet Pattern
Fir Tree Crochet Pattern

Fir Tree Crochet Pattern

Fir Tree

When was the last day you wandered through the woods? It’s cold outside and winter started. Even though it gets dark pretty soon now (here in Germany) I still try to be outside as much as possible. Some days that means I’m going into the woods when it’s already pitch black in there. Some days ago I was nicely walking along a path I now by heart, that was lit up by the moonshine. I breathed in the cold fresh air and all of a sudden – right next to me in the naked bushes – there was a loud scream/ squeek. My heart jumped and so did my body. I walked away quickly without running and hid behind a fallen tree. I felt save there in case it was a wild boar, so I waited there for some minutes, crouched down, hoping to see what scared me. But I came to the conclusion that what ever had screamed, probably did so because I was the one scaring it. It never showed up and I still don’t know what it was. But it for sure became a nice story! Do you have a story about a moonshine walk? Let me hear it – share it with us in the comments or send me a mail – I would love to hear your stories!

But let’s talk about these crocheted Fir Trees! Or Spruce? Or Pine? I still have troubles telling them all apart… Do you know which ones are growing near your home? Or do you have a favorite? They all grow in different forms and colours if you look closely. Pick one of the three (or all of them!) and have a closer look. Does it have a dark green colour or maybe more blue-ish? Is the ‘naked’ tree trunk long or short and how tall does your tree grow compared to one of the others? While you are out in nature looking for answers to these questions you can already prepare for these little trees: Collects some fallen sticks that you can later use as tree stem for the crocheted trees!

Crochet Patter Fir Tree

..or Pine or Spruce… We’ve been there.

This crochet pattern is not mine. The very original pattern is from Katja ( and I found it at Eva’s Blog Seidenfein. Eva made some adaptions to the pattern (she added the closing of the tree in the bottom and added the stick as trunk). Both are german and I don’t know if this free pattern already exists in english, so here I come and translate it to you! FYI you can stop the pattern at any round (not necessarily at round 33) to start with the twig-rounds. It all depends on how you want you tree to look like. I used a 2,5mm Hook. Have fun!

Crochet Pattern Fir Tree
Pattern written in US crochet terms.
Close every round with a slip stitch (slst) and begin every round with a chain (ch).    

BASE make a magic ring with 6sc
ROUND 1-4 6sc evenly around
ROUND 5 [1sc, (2sc)] repeat all around (= 9 stitches)
ROUND 6 9sc evenly (= 9 stitches)
ROUND 7 [2sc, (2sc)] repeat all around (= 12 stitches)
ROUND 8 12sc evenly (= 12 stitches)
ROUND 9 [1sc, (2sc)] repeat all around (= 18 stitches)
ROUND 10-12 18sc evenly (= 18 stitches)
ROUND 13 [2sc, (2sc)] repeat all around (= 24 stitches)
ROUND 14-16 24sc evenly (= 24 stitches)
ROUND 17 [3sc, (2sc)] repeat all around (= 30 stitches)
ROUND 18-20 30sc evenly (= 30 stitches)
ROUND 21 [4sc, (2sc)] repeat all around (= 36 stitches)
ROUND 22-24 36sc evenly (= 36 stitches)
ROUND 25 [5sc, (2sc)] repeat all around (= 42 stitches)
ROUND 26-28 42sc evenly (= 42 stitches)
ROUND 29 [6sc, (2sc)] repeat all around (= 48 stitches)
ROUND 30-32 48sc evenly (= 48 stitches)
ROUND 33 – the bottom – in BLO 48sc evenly (= 48 stitches)
ROUND 34 and more: sc2tog all around until you have 4-6 stitches left
Finish off.

Twigs: Insert yarn in the first front loop from round 33
ROUND 1 *1sc, 4ch, skip 3 stitches* repeat all around, finish round with slst in first stitch, slst 3 or 4 rounds up and repeat *-*, continue until you reached the top round (e.g. round 4)
ROUND 2 in every ch-space make *1sc, 3dc, 2ch, 1sc in first ch, 3dc*, slst to the round below and repeat until all ch-spaces of the tree are filled. Finish off and weave in ends
Put a stick (one you found in the forest?) through the hole in the bottom – you decide how long the trees trunk will be.
I used hot glue to attach my trees to a piece of tree bark I found in the forest this summer. Use whatever you find or simply stick the trees in a flower pot!

I hope you enjoyed this pattern and your researches about these trees. I absolutely did! Also I let my inner child come out to play with a reindeer (got it from dad just some christmasses ago) and some flour to let it snow!

Happy crocheting! – Love, Lena